Lean thinking

Lean thinking at the heart of your strategy

To take full advantage of the 4.0 revolution, companies need efficient processes driven by independent teams who are committed to continuous improvement. Opting for Lean Management training means choosing to develop human and technical skills that will deploy Lean thinking methodology throughout your company, thus creating greater value with less effort, stress, workload and resources.


The Lean Management

Lean Management, “is when all the employees in a company participate in the fight against waste by eliminating everything that does not add value”.


This concept originated with Toyota in Japan. At the end of the 1980s, the work of American MIT researchers enabled this concept to spread around the globe.


It is primarily a question of seeking performance through continuous improvement with the aim of satisfying customers by improving productivity and quality and limiting delays and costs.



Although initially deployed in the automotive industry, Lean Management is a philosophy that can be applied to all types of organisations in many sectors. These include:

  • Lean Office or Lean Service, which deploys Lean principles in office activities, or the processing of intangible flows (rather than physical products).
  • Lean Engineering or Lean Development in Research & Development or Engineering processes.
  • Lean Software Development in IT development, which has more or less merged with Agile Development and Scrum methods.
  • Lean Startup, which allows for speedier company-creation processes, and, in particular, the ability to deliver the right product to customers as soon as possible, and right from the start.


increase in productivity and quality


less stock


optimisation of the production area

The Lean method

The Lean method seeks to identify “value-added time”; that is the “value-added” operations that allow the product to undergo a transformation to ensure it meets customer requirements. The result is fully satisfied customers and success for each and every employee.

The Lean approach is indeed intended to be virtuous with regard to employees, as it allows for the improvement of working conditions while increasing productivity.

By developing the skills of teams and their managers, we give them the means to respond to current and future challenges.

Much more than a simple tool, Lean Management systematically addresses the active resolution of production problems at different levels in the company.

In brief

Lean Management is about delivering highly skilled work under ideal operating conditions while saving time, resources and energy. It is about bringing more value to the customer while eliminating activities that are devoid of value.


Much more than a simple tool, Lean Management systematically addresses the active resolution of production problems at different levels in the company:

  • Eliminating excess production,
  • Reducing stock levels,
  • Reducing lead times,
  • Controlling costs,
  • Optimising transport,
  • Maximising skills,
  • Optimising communication,
  • Improving quality.

Thanks to the LEAN office techniques, which we, at SERUE Ingénierie, have been implementing for nearly 5 years, we have improved our productivity by more than 20%, but above all we have maintained a high level of quality in our services. People turn to SERUE Ingénierie for the quality and reliability of its services. We can’t afford to make mistakes!

SERUE Ingénierie

The Hager Group has deployed Lean Manufacturing throughout its production sites, thus placing continuous improvement at the heart of its production system. The benefits of this deployment are manifold: it has enhanced the skills and autonomy of employees, which in turn tends to speed up the resolution of problems in a stress-free working environment. It has accelerated deliveries to customers by reducing lead time, sequencing production and making it more flexible. Quality has also been improved by speeding up the problem solving process. The company now enjoys greater productivity (2-3% per year, driven solely by continuous improvement).



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