Bern University of
Applied Sciences

The university

The major assets of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) are its multidisciplinary courses and its international outlook. Its teaching and research are based on experimentation and practice. The specific nature of its courses of study attracts students from all over the world and its campus and infrastructure are designed for their well-being.

Teaching language and language level

German - B2

Type of programme

semestre ou année

Why Burgdorf?

Burgdorf is located in the canton of Bern between German and French-speaking communities. This cultural diversity gives its inhabitants a broad outlook, thus guaranteeing a warm welcome and a fully immersive experience for students!

Cost of living

Accommodation: CHF 400 – CHF 600

Day-to-day expenses: CHF 800

Total: CHF 1,200 – CHF 1,400 that is €1,105 – €1,290



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