ICAM Brussels

The university

As a member of the ICAM group, this institution for academic study and applied research dispenses top-level industrial engineering courses. Its century of experience in technical studies is reflected in the excellence of its programmes. Its campus offers a setting conducive to study and relaxation thanks to its green open spaces and its many services.

Teaching language and language level

French – B2

Type of programme

semestre, année ou double-diplôme

Why Brussels?

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a multi-faceted student city. As a French-speaking island in Flemish territory that embodies Belgian hospitality, and the seat of European institutions, Brussels is known in Europe as a cosmopolitan city on a human scale.


Cost of living

Accommodation: €350 – €400

Day-to-day expenses: €300

Total: €650 – €700


Several websites are available to help you find accommodation:

ple.mykot.be; brukot.be;  kots.be;


ICAM Brussels can help you in your search for accommodation.