Hochschule Hof

The university

Founded in 1994, Hochschule Hof sees itself as a contemporary university in tune with the times. Both modern and environmentally friendly, it is particularly active in the GreenTech sector. The atmosphere in this human-scale institution is ideal for studying, and conducive to maintaining strong bonds between students and professors.

Teaching language and language level

German/ English - B2

Type of programme


Hof, the highest point in Bavaria, is a charming little German town full of tradition. Here, the many time-honoured and cultural events are so many opportunities to keep busy. Being close to the Czech border, its natural surroundings offer a real change of scenery to those usually found in Germany.

Cost of living

Accommodation: €300 – €450

Day-to-day expenses: €400

Total: €700 – €850


The university offers rooms and apartments in halls of residence. It also offers sites for private rental.