Tallinn – TalTech

The university

Tallinn University of Technology is known as the most innovative university in Estonia, and excels in its cutting-edge work in the fields of digital technology and engineering. Its programmes are designed to meet the needs and developments of the labour market, and its degrees are recognised worldwide. This is Estonia’s international university par excellence and it welcomes more than 1,600 foreign students.

Teaching language and language level

English - B2

Type of programme

semester or year

Why Tallinn?

Tallinn, a cultural crossroads nestling on the shores of the Baltic Sea, is both modern and steeped in history. As a city on a human scale, the capital of Estonia combines numerous assets: a warm atmosphere, astonishing gastronomy and a unique way of life.

Cost of living

Accommodation: €150 – €350

Day-to-day expenses: €250

Total: €400 – €600


The University has student halls of residence.