Supporting our school means supporting your future employees!

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Created by and for companies, Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe aims to be a full-scale experimental laboratory for the Company of the Future and new engineering professions. It is a concrete example of innovative organisation and practices. Joining our network means choosing to accompany your company and your employees towards innovation, excellence and collective performance.

The excellent career paths of our students means you get to recruit tomorrow’s talents!

Vocational training

Become experts and develop your company’s internal skills thanks to our professional training courses in Lean Management and Digital Technology as well as our Mastères Spécialisés®. Pave your way to the Learning Company!


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Apprenticeships, internships & professionalisation contracts

Find and recruit your future talents for an apprenticeship, an internship or a professionalization contract. Build your employer brand with the help of an outstanding national and international network.


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Innovation & expertise

Be innovative with a multidisciplinary team of engineering student, teacher-researchers and industrial experts. Take advantage of the school’s laboratories and cutting-edge equipment to experiment with your ideas and bring your groundbreaking projects to fruition in order to sustainably develop the Company of the Future!


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We train students and professionals to ensure that tomorrow’s talents will be able to meet the technological, social and environmental challenges of our century. We want them to flourish in an increasingly digitalized industrial world by providing them with engineering expertise! We need you to support them, and to continue to develop our school’s Company of the Future.


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Apprenticeship tax

Strengthen your link with our school company, and let’s build a sustainable future together. Supporting us means supporting your future employees. Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe is a non-profit association authorised to receive your apprenticeship tax.


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Room rental

Do you need space to welcome your clients and prospective clients? Are you looking for an original venue for your teambuilding sessions or team meetings? Icam, site de Strasbourg-Europe invites you to take advantage of its modern building and innovative infrastructure in the heart of the Espace Européen de l’Entreprise.


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