Incoming Students

ECAM Strasbourg offers a unique English-taught Engineering Program in the heart of Europe. We offer hands-on classes and engineering projects to our Incoming students in an international environment. After the lectures, you will have practical sessions in our laboratories and many projects to apply your knowledge. Last year, we sent two pretzels into the space (and they made a buzz)!

Our Students Associations propose different activities throughout the year. From the robotics club to the ski week, you will have plenty of events to choose from. Your sponsor (School Buddy) will help you get acquainted with the city and make you feel at home.

Our Program

You can learn different domains at the same time. This multi-disciplinary approach creates engineers able to better understand their working environment. On top of that, management and communication classes will help develop your leadership skills to become a great project leader.
ECAM Strasbourg’s program is equivalent to a Master’s Degree after our fifth year:

Check our program here:

Our Projects

Last year, two balloons were released from the center of the city, reaching an altitude of 34 694 meters. All the capsule and sensors were designed to send all the flight information and the images in real time. This project was sponsored by Burgard and entirely conducted at ECAM Strasbourg.

We have a brand new triple-A building associating wood and concrete recalling the Alsacian style.

Are you curious? ECAM 360°

Our many laboratories, Materials, Mechanical, Electrical and others, were designed to host small groups. Practical classes are in groups from 12 to 20 students maximum. You will feel how much we praise to help you.

Every year, we host students coming from different continents creating a real melting pot. You can join the school either as an ERASMUS Student or as a Freemover.

You can spend one or two semesters at ECAM Strasbourg, combining or not with an engineering project. To benefit from the ERASMUS program, you must be nominated by your school. If you have questions, just contact us at

If you come as a Freemover, you have to apply by sending us your transcript of records from your previous years and indicating your domain of studies.  The deadline for the Winter semester is June 15th and for the Spring semester is November 30th. Just send us an e-mail at

Do want to learn how to make your own coffee? Join the Barista Club and taste different kinds of coffee every week! This is not your cup of “coffee”? you might be the yoga kind. Or the photo kind? Of maybe the cheerleader kind? Choose the association that best suits you!

Les étudiants Eramus

You want to spend one or two semesters at ECAM Strasbourg-Europe?

Please check our study programme and English taught classes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.